Spellbinding Sales Self Study Bundle

Kristen Jett

Kristen Jett, the Profit Priestess, is a business strategist who helps you connect to your future clients though harnessing your Human Design, quantum ritual, and ethical + aligned marketing. She has over fifteen years experience creating + facilitating marketing strategy, sales funnels, and launch campaigns for million dollar companies. 

She's helped hundreds of clients grow aligned business with results like: five to six figure launches, booking out their business for the next six months,  publishing their first books, creating certification programs - and so much more.

I want you to serve big, live your legacy, - and profit doing it. What does your legacy look like?

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Spellbinding Sales Self-Study

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    • 24 Pre-recorded video lessons
    • 24 Integration exercises
    • 12 Biz Magic Reikiā„¢ recordings
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