Your business has all the answers – are you listening?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your business could just tell you how to best grow it? 

 If it could whisper in your ear who your next clients are?

If you could reach five and six figure program closes…without even needing to launch?

Your business has all the answers – are you listening?

Seriously. My business has shown me which offers are ready to accept clients, and which ones are still forming. I’ve learned about a new offer I was launching and started receiving energy for it for months before I had any plans of opening up the doors to new clients.

Now, tapping into the soul of my business is crucial for any launch. Because, sure, I could go through a giant launch process (and don’t get me wrong, I’m one of those weirdos that LOVES launches!)…but it’s a whole lot easier to simply message the 5-10 people that are energetically committed to be in a program, mention that I saw them in the soul of my business, and let the magic unfold.

Not only does that create five and six-figure “launches” without the launch part…but it gives me complete confidence that my clients are in the program that’s most aligned for them, and that they WILL get amazing results.

"Every time I listen to your quantum work, I receive a new opportunity. The biggest sale I’ve ever made. Podcast invites. Summit invites. It literally attunes me to receiving.

Anna Claire

Inside this magical bundle, you’ll find five powerful and transformative meditations.

The Money Room

The Money Room will help you create a safe space for money to enter your business and open up the doors to receiving it. It’s hard to bring in the abundance + prosperity if your business feels like the home of a pauper (or doesn’t feel safe or secure!)

The Expansion Room

This meditation will make more room in your business for growth + receiving. You’ll make room for more clients to come into your business, and bring them into the one offer that’s asking for energy right now. (And if you don’t know what that offer is, that’s okay – your business will tell you!)

Calling in Soulmate Clients

Calling In Soulmate Clients will help you create a designated space for clients in your business – and send out the energetic beacon to help them find their way in. (Because it’s a whole lot easier to sell to someone that’s already connected to the soul of your business, than to try to selling to everyone!)

Energetic Client Connection

The Energetic Client Connection meditation will guide you as you discover how your incoming clients will best connect to you + how to draw their energy in. Because why waste time doing allllll the things, when they just need to hear from you in one way to get pulled into your magnetic energy?

The Clearing Warrior

This meditation will remove any negative energy from your business + create a protective barrier to prevent any other negativity from coming in Because you clean your house weekly…but how often does your business get cleaned? Is it still holding onto the energy of launches you consider flops? Of clients that weren’t aligned? Of criticism from haters. Let’s clear out all the shit + create a protective field around your business so it can grow without all the heaviness.

Previously these guided meditations were only available to my mastermind clients, but I’m so excited to share them with you now!

For just $44, you’ll receive:

Lifetime access to these five powerful soul of your business meditations

 Lifetime access to the bundle’s member’s area with special resources  

All the wisdom of your business, delivered straight to you

Don’t wait – your business’s next beautiful idea is waiting for you!

"Every time I go through this, I receive new insights from my business! This has helped me have a relationship with my business in a new way. Whenever things aren’t working, I do this meditation and it’s always really clear where I need to focus my attention next.

Jackie McDonald