Let's make selling feel magical (and prosperous).

Release sales stagnancy, and recode your sales.

With The Quantum Selling Experience, you will be able to experience the most magnetic sales you've ever had, without any stress, hustle, or overwhelm.

Six days to prepare yourself for the most magnetic sales you’ve EVER had! 


You’re doing all the “right” things.
Showing up in Facebook groups.
Posting posts all over the place, and making sure that they’re every place your audience might look.
Sending emails to your list every single week.    

Consistency is what builds a business, right?

Witchslap: You didn’t start a business to have LESS time for your family, passions, or sleep life.

And you sure as hell didn’t do it with the expectation that years from now you’ll have to post on the newest versions of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest daily (or more!) just to keep consistently selling.

    And you don’t have to do it now either.


You’re doing ALL the “right” things. All the things that work for other people. Maybe even things that have worked for you before.

….but you’re in a slump. Or getting crickets when you talk about what you do. Or not even getting off the ground.

It’s not you – it’s the one thing you’re missing. The quantum link to bringing everything together. The quantum link to receiving.

Before you show up, before you write (and send!) that email, before you do anything – what are you doing to create a clear energy flow between you + your future clients? How are you opening up to receive better? Or amplify your receiving?

You can take your aligned actions…or you can take your aligned actions with your energy on the frequency of 10x your results.    


Because it’s not about the rules – it all starts with your energy.

I should know – I left the glitzy life of corporate marketing (and closed my 20K+ month marketing agency) because I was tired of seeing people make business decisions from the wrong energy.

  I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs create a business aligned with their energy + soul service so they can receive deeper prosperity. (Basically I blend Human Design, quantum ritual, and attraction marketing to to help visionaries get clear on their big purpose as a mentor or guide, craft their legacy business and amplify how they’re serving.)  

I hear all the time “I was just drawn to you, and I didn’t know why.” And I always giggle because I know why – because of the quantum sales work that I do before I do any strategic sales actions.  It doesn’t matter how good your strategy is….if it’s built on a foundation on shaky energy.

What the hell is quantum work anyway?

Quantum has become a buzzword lately. And have you noticed, it’s seldom actually explained?

Everything is made of energy. Scientifically, all energy reacts differently when you pay attention to it. (Wild, right?) Which means if you’re looking at something differently, it can respond differently, and it behaves differently.

So what if we could choose how we see something?

When I speak about quantum work, I’m talking about tapping into something outside of our physical body – dropping into our heart field, and shifting energy beneath the surface. This is about doing the energetic work at the roots of your desires, and allowing that energy to penetrate all energetic frequencies attached to it.

Not sure about the science behind it? We’ll talk about it a little more on the first day – but you can think of this as just a really impactful guided meditation. (Which, science also supports!)



A six day guided experience to change your relationship – and energy – with selling.

Because let’s face it – selling starts before you get visible. Selling starts with your energy. And if your energy isn’t ready to receive, it doesn’t really matter what actions you take.  

Six days.
Six videos.
Six action steps.
Cellular change that lasts forever.  

For six days, you’ll receive access to a new level of the experience. Each level has a video with your daily quantum work, and then a physical action to take. (Because real change happens when it’s on BOTH the energetic plane and the physical plane.)

Get the Quantum Selling Experience, and recode your sales experiences for the special price of just $147

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The Quantum Selling Experience


Every time I listen to your quantum work, I receive a new opportunity. The biggest sale I’ve ever made. Podcast invites. Summit invites. It literally attunes me to receiving.

Anna Rude

The quantum selling experience?

Day One: Intro to Quantum Work + a Cellular Quantum Energy Clearing

We kick off with a little more on how quantum works for the curious, and a clearing to wash away anything that’s holding you back from receiving, connecting, and selling.

Remember – we can’t build a legacy off a shaky foundation. This is helping you start off on solid ground.

Day Two: Future Client Heart Connection

If you’re not connected to your clients, you can’t serve them. 

Before you can sell to clients or call them in, there needs to be a heart connection where you can speak to their energy, and see what all the pieces of them are desiring to convey to you.

Imagine being able to tap into your clients before writing posts to know exactly what to say. Imagine being able to feel exactly where they are, and where they need your support. Wouldn’t that make everything so much easier?

Day Three: Allowing The Heartspace To Show You Your Most Aligned Offer

Once you’re tapped in to your clients and can see exactly what they need, it’s time to dig a little deeper.

Chances are you have tons of ideas of how to serve them – but what if the heartspace, your Higher Self, and the Akashic Records can combine to show you exactly how these specific clients are asking to be served right now?

Stop trying to sell what you think your clients want, and sell what their energy is already attached to.

Day Four: Becoming A Client Magnet

The right clients are already there around you – but it’s easy to get swept away from them when your energy is scattered on all the things you have to do, all the things you feel like you should do, everyone else’s energy, and the millions of other things that touch your energy on a regular basis.

Instead, call in the clients who are already connected to you and your business on a soul level. The clients who already have a soul contract to work with you. The clients who are already ready. Clear the path to them, make the connection, and call them in.

Day Five: Creating A Sales Vortex To Charge Your Sales Conversations

What energy are your sales conversations being created out of? Or your sales posts? Or your lives? If you’re not attuning to it before you interact with clients, the odds are not exactly in your favor.

 Instead…what if you were fully in your power? Confident. Magnetic. Trusting that the words that come out of you are going to be the right words. Amplify your energy and create a sales vortex before you take actions to connect with your clients.

Day Six: Quantum Activation: Owning The Power Of Your Magic + Service

Sometimes it’s hard to own or even understand the full power of what you do. And that’s okay – you’re tapping into something bigger than your physical body, and society has trained to not do that. We’re going to shift into fully tapping into your gifts, your purpose, your magic on the deepest level, and allowing that energy to encompass your entire body.

Quantum Activations shift your cellular energy on all time frames, and in all planes of existence. This one is potent work, so grab a journal and give yourself sacred space to uplevel.

Kristen has the special ability to talk to the soul of your business and to help you do the same. From here there is unlimited access to the exact (unique for you) guidance you need to:  – create sold-out offerings at the perfect price point  – feel confident raising your rates  – know what to write in your copy  – what strategies to focus on

 Her in-depth knowledge of effective business strategy and genius intuition will support you in growing your business with total alignment and true magic.

Allison Braun

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The fastest I’ve ever had a client receive results from a recorded quantum session is within 15 minutes. (I’d be delighted if you can pass that!)

A client received 125K of unexpected money (from outside her business!) within a few months from an activation. Wild, right? Quantum work can create BIG results, especially as you do it more frequently.

Yup! You can pop this on whenever you’d like to. I recommend aiming for doing one quantum work at least every three days, if possible. For your first time, stick to the same order. After that, you can call on individual works. 

That’s okay! It’ll work for you even when spaced out. Some people may need more time anyway - if you have a lot of open centers in your Human Design, you may find you need more space in between. 

Moving energy can be exhausting – I feel you. In some of this work, you may be clearing things that have been in your body for a long time…or even in your generational line for a long time. Be gentle on yourself. Drink lots of water + green tea. Take some flower essences. Soak in a bath. And if you need to, space the sessions out. Trust your body. Some people need more time in between this work, because of how the energy affects them. If you’re more sensitive to energy, or know you’re clearing DEEP stuff, make sure you give yourself nourishment time.

I recommend it! The more you use them, the more powerful they can become. (The more you pay attention to them, the more shifts. 😉

 If you felt like a LOT of work was done on a particular session, feel free to do it again before continuing on to the next day.  After you’ve done the initial set, come back to them whenever you need an energy shift. (I recommend using the sales vortex before sales conversations as a regular tool to amplify your energy!)

For clients only (which you are if you grab this!). This work is capable of moving A LOT of energy…which means sometimes they take a lot of energy out of me! If you feel like you need one (maybe you’re on the cusp of a goal but can’t quiiiite get there), send me a message and we’ll explore it! 

Release stagnacy, recode your sales.

Step into The Quantum Selling Experience now for six days to the most magnetic business you've ever known.