Attract Aligned Clients Subliminal Meditation

Reach your soulmate clients!

Could your headphones help you attract more clients? Better clients? Hell yeah, they can! 

Grab your Beatz (or your Apple buds – no judging here!) and play this subliminal meditation of 188 affirmations to help you: 
  • eliminate the blocks that are keeping dream clients away
  • open up to receive intuitive advice that helps you reach soulmate clients
  • become a magnet for the stellar clients you’ve been dreaming of
Bonus: You’ll also receive tangible actions on what to do to draw in the clients you want (including the high priced ones) + a fun receiving ritual or two!  

Get the FREE meditation now and start calling in your dream clients while you sleep, eat, or breathe.

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 "Every time I listen to the dream client meditation I get at least 1 sale!!." 

Kris Seraphine-Oster
 Brand Strategis, Copywriter + Business Coach

 "I love the Goddess Quiz! I completely 100% agree with who I got, and I’ve got a designer working on ways to incorporate it already! I’ve had a problem getting my brand finalized and I feel really confident about this new approach your quiz has given me.

Margeret Doe
Freelance writer - The Company

 "The dream client meditation is amazing!!!  Just listened to it while creating a post for my soul mate clients + I feel super energized and aligned.

Alaya Wyndham
Holistic Chef

Kristen Jett

CEO + Profit Priestess

When I shifted into the coaching industry, I was taught to question everything I was doing. Everyone had different advice for me…and none of it felt like me.

 I decided to rebel a little – to go back to my background, blend in Human Design to truly know myself, and find what works best for me -and my clients.  
Before all of this, I spent over fifteen years creating + facilitating million dollar marketing strategy, sales funnels, and launch campaigns for companies whose names you hear daily.  

Before working with conscious entrepreneurs, I even owned a marketing agency focused on attraction marketing through content, sales funnels, and social media.  

And through that process, I realized your success is really about this: mastering your own energy, and truly connecting with your clients.