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Let's reconnect with your purpose + recode your relationship with success. 

Reconnect with your purpose, gain clarity on your next actions, rediscover your gifts, and recode your relationship with success.
Join us for The Recode HER Retreat for four days filled with quantum shifts.

You've been feeling disconnected.

Things that feel like they're eluding you:
✨ feeling continuously connected to your Purpose and Creativity
✨ that endless abundance everyone promises you when you're in alignment
✨ the feel good next steps to take to grow your business + change your life


The last few years have been exhausting. (I'll be the first to admit it!)

The Collective has been shifting, evolving, and rebirthing faster than our bodies can process....which ultimately means, we've gotten thrown into survival mode. Survival mode gets us through the energetic shift...but in the process, we get a little disconnected from what we're here to do, the gifts we're here to use, and the energy that ties us to our most aligned path.



Feeling like something is off...but not knowing exactly what...

The last year has felt like a giant Mercury Retrograde to me. Things... just weren't aligning. For me. For my clients. For my biz friends.

But what was it? After time and time again having to push back launches and deadlines,  after watching my clients do the same, I realized we were all getting a HUGE message from the Universe - the Universe to reconnect with our purpose again before moving forward.

You want to create ripples of impact - but are you even creating the right ones right now?

I realized I had to let go of the plans, let go of what I thought I should be doing, and lean in more than I ever had before into the energy. And what I got? Was surprising - the direct call to temporarily release traditional business work, and solely focus on energetic business work. 

So I dug deep with clients, using my favorite quantum heartspace methods to recode their energy + reconnect them with their purpose. What came next? The clarity of what to do next that honored their soul's growth, AND actually created easy results for them. After seeing their quantum shifts (and my own!), I wanted everyone to be able to recode and reset!

Let's stop...

  • Feeling like every single time you gain momentum there's a big setback
  • Wondering just what direction to go in - or which is going to be the most rewarding and enjoyable 
  • Feeling like the things that are working (and even soaring!) just don't feel good or right anymore
  • Wondering if we're supposed to just burn it all down

Instead let's...

  • REMOVE THE ENERGETIC SNAGS AND TANGLES so you can see the clear path forward, and journey forward without energetically boomeranging backwards
  • WORK WITH THE SOUL OF YOUR BUSINESS to gain momentum that your business can (and wants to) actually hold on to with ease
  • RECODE AND REWRITE YOUR STORY (literally) so you can close out old loops, and start energetically accepting the new.
  • RECODE YOUR CELLULAR PATTERNS to completely transform how your energy interacts with the field of success

Introducing the...

Four days of energetic shifts designed to recode + reconnect you with what's truly meant for you.

Reconnect with your purpose, gain clarity on your next actions, rediscover your gifts, and recode your relationship with success.

We'll spend ninety minutes together each day in the heartfield, with time afterwards to process our experiences.

Join us for four days filled with quantum shifts.

Here's how we're shifting energy:


Recode and Clear Energetic Tangles

In this quantum disentanglement, we'll walk down your current business path and clear away outside energy that's affecting your flow forward, and reconnect you with your purpose.

We'll take a look at what exactly may be preventing you from gaining momentum, where you're being directed to, and clear away outside energy. 


Receive Clarity from the Soul of Your Business

Once we've cleared the way, we can receive new direction. (Because let's face it, once you've cleared away old patterns, other's reflections of you, and other energetic debris, what you thought was aligned is likely going to shift.)

We'll work with the soul of your business to determine exactly what steps your business is asking for.

PS: If you've done soul of the business work before, great! This one is brand new!


Mystic Write Your Recoded Success

It's not always as simple as knowing the next best step, is it? Our old patterns and habits stir up resistance and get in our way.

So we're going to stop that. We're going to use mystic writing (quantum writing) to write our new story that bridges the gap from where you are right now to where you want to be in six months with ease. 


Quantum Recode

Fully recode your relationship with success in this quantum activation. Release the old rules you've created on what happens to succeed, and we'll quantum charge your new rules for success.

Hint: We always make a fun one - like the client favorite of whenever you eat a banana, we make money. 

I am so appreciative of Kristen's superstar quantum work support on an energetic and cellular level.  You can’t be in business and not experience Kristen, and her guidance and support in your foundation.

Kelci Page

What You'll Get:

Here's what to expect from this experience:

  • Four days of group quantum energy experiences (Value: $397)
  • BONUS: Shine Through Service Quantum Meditation

You'll also get access to this fun bonus!

Shine Through Service: Quantum Meditation
Ever feel like your the service you're providing to the world just isn't getting enough energy and attention?

It's time to change that.

With this powerful meditation, you'll clear away stuck energy around your business, let your message shine with clarity, and allow for more people to find you, your offer, and your expertise.

This experience is for you if...

  • You're feeling like you're doing the "right things" but nothing feels good (or maybe isn't even working)
  • You keep getting nudges from Spirit, but you're not sure what to do next
  • You want to reset + replenish your energy
  • You want to realign everything you're doing with your true Purpose
  • You want to grow your business in a way that feels good. (Who doesn't?!)
  • You want to shift past your current business (and life!) plateaus.

What's The Investment?




(Yes, really)

Working with Kristen was exactly what I needed - and so much more than I expected. The journey from unstable income to anchoring in months bigger than I could have imagined happened so fast!

Dee Devine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Any leader and business owner who is feeling the call to return to their roots, shift their energy, and create different momentum in their lives. Whether you're just getting started or more experienced in your journey, this experience will lead you exactly where your business's energy wants to be.

Coach? That's cool. Sell products? That's cool too. Host experiences? Also cool. 

Recode your energy,
quantum shift your life.

Let's reconnect you with your purpose, reinvigorate your business, and shift your forward in your momentum.