Let's make 2022 feel magical (and prosperous).

Release stagnant patterns, and recode your prosperity.

With The New Year Quantum Flow, you will release stagnant energy, turn up the dial on your minimum received prosperity, and open the doors to continuous flow.

This recording can be used at any point to reset and recode your year.

Ready to shift your energetic relationship with money + flow? 

By the end of a year, we've built up a lot of stagnant energy.

...and when the year has been intense or heavy, it all accumulates more.

Whatever lessons you learned, whatever experiences you experienced, they all left energetic residues on your life, your business, and your bank account.  Ew, right? In order to move forward, we have to finish integrating the good, and clear out the negative so we can anchor into our new expansion.

It's time to break up with energetic drama. It's time to amplify what we do have. 

Join us for the recording of this live quantum experience to shift how your energy responds to money,  remove all the traumas and blocks that the previous year has uncovered, replace the void with the energy of success, and magnetize you to receiving big profits so much easier !

Let's intentionally create a container for success

Imagine starting the year with...

  • All the previous years traumas and lessons cleared so that energy isn't slowing you down
  • Your minimum monthly ability to receive turned up so that you can anchor in your new lifestyle
  • The pathway to success smoothed out so that your energetic bumps vanish before they start
  • An empowered energetic container for success created so you have energy gathering for you from the start
  • The energy of your bank account refreshed and magnetized so that it can multiply easily

What the hell is quantum work anyway?

Quantum has become a buzzword lately. And have you noticed, it’s seldom actually explained?

Everything is made of energy. Scientifically, all energy reacts differently when you pay attention to it. (Wild, right?) Which means if you’re looking at something differently, it can respond differently, and it behaves differently.

So what if we could choose how we see something?

When I speak about quantum work, I’m talking about tapping into something outside of our physical body – dropping into our heart field, and shifting energy beneath the surface. This is about doing the energetic work at the roots of your desires, and allowing that energy to penetrate all energetic frequencies attached to it.

Not sure about the science behind it? You can think of this as just a really impactful guided meditation. (Which, science also supports!)



Recording of a live quantum experience to recode your energy around expansion, prosperity, attraction, and success.

Grab the recording of the New Year Quantum Flow, and recode your business, prosperity, and flow.

New Year Quantum Flow (recorded experience)


I took a nap after watching the replay [of last year's experience]. I woke up to a mini grant, a returning client, and a new client in one night. I managed to call in more money this month without marketing. All of this happened with ease as I slept.

Dee Devine

The new year quantum flow?

Clearing Out Old Energy

Clear out any energetic residue that has built up over the last year, so it's easier to build momentum.

Creating Your New Monthly Receiving Minimum

Shift your monthly receiving container so you can hold the room to receive more.

Smooth The Pathway To Success

Lay down the energetic pathways to success and prevent barriers + blocks from being formed.

Every time I listen to your quantum work, I receive a new opportunity. The biggest sale I’ve ever made. Podcast invites. Summit invites. It literally attunes me to receiving.

Anna Rude

Create A Container For Success

Form your year's container around success so the energy is held from the beginning, and allowed to grow

Attune Your Bank Account To Multiply

Your bank account is a container - let's attune it to multiply throughout the year, regardless of what is going on.

Recode Your Flow

Set your frequency to create + maintain flow the whole year long


Because it’s not about the rules – it all starts with your energy.

I should know – I left the glitzy life of corporate marketing (and closed my 20K+ month marketing agency) because I was tired of seeing people make business decisions from the wrong energy.

 I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs create a business aligned with their energy + soul service so they can receive deeper prosperity. (Basically I blend Human Design, quantum ritual, and attraction marketing to to help visionaries get clear on their big purpose as a mentor or guide, craft their legacy business and amplify how they’re serving.)  

I hear all the time “I was just drawn to you, and I didn’t know why.” And I always giggle because I know why – because of the quantum sales work that I do before I do any strategic sales actions.  It doesn’t matter how good your strategy is….if it’s built on a foundation on shaky energy.

That [New Year] Money Mojo Quantum activation was absolute fire. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced quantum work where it reached me this deeply and I was able to connect so consistently and vividly. I needed to just marinate in it and let it absorb. But damn, that was powerful.

Thank you so much for gifting us with all of these incredible things Kristen ♡︎ I am so appreciative of the superstar support on an energetic and cellular level.

Kelci Cannady

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We’re going to go into the heartspace in between timelines to clear out energetic residue, fears, stories, and more. Once you’re clear, we activate your energy to be attuned to new intentions, and new frequencies. 

The fastest I’ve ever had a client receive results from a recorded quantum session is within 15 minutes. (I’d be delighted if you can pass that!) From live sessions, people have received results while they were in the heartspace with me! 

A client received 125K of unexpected money (from outside her business!) within a few months from an activation. Wild, right? Quantum work can create BIG results, especially as you do it more frequently.

Of course. You have lifetime access of this to come back to you as you want throughout the year. I recommend making it part of your monthly energy work. 

Moving energy can be exhausting – I feel you. In some of this work, you may be clearing things that have been in your body for a long time…or even in your generational line for a long time. Be gentle on yourself. Drink lots of water + green tea. Take some flower essences. Soak in a bath. And if you need to, space the sessions out. Trust your body. Some people need more time in between this work, because of how the energy affects them. If you’re more sensitive to energy, or know you’re clearing DEEP stuff, make sure you give yourself nourishment time.

For clients only (which you are if you grab this!). This work is capable of moving A LOT of energy…which means sometimes they take a lot of energy out of me! If you feel like you need one (maybe you’re on the cusp of a goal but can’t quiiiite get there), send me a message and we’ll explore it! 

Release the old + recode the now for this year's success.

Grab the New Year Quantum Flow to recode your energy around expansion, prosperity, flow, and success.