create content that effortlessly conjures up  aligned clients?

Most business leaders think just educating clients + sharing their offer is what connects. (It's not.)

Give me six months and I'll have you creating content that conjures up aligned clients , more profits, and more free time.

Are you tired of using all your time to create content that your clients (and future clients) don't connect with?

You know content is one of the best ways to get in front of your audience.

But why is it so hard?
Why does it take so much time?  

If you’ve ever felt like you’re spending more time figuring out how to connect with clients, than serving clients.
If you’ve ever felt like it doesn’t matter what your prices are, you just don’t sell enough.
If you’ve ever felt like you’re just yelling into the digital space.
Then I’m here to tell you that it’s okay, it can get better - because you’ve been doing things all wrong for you.

Your content is meant to lead aligned clients to a sale (even when you’re not selling!) - and weed out the ones who aren’t  ready yet.

 Your content is meant to be the thing that demonstrates your energy, knowledge, and personality. To showcase you as a leader.  

It’s time to forget what everyone else is saying or doing. It’s time to captivate and connect.

Stop using all your time to create content that doesn’t connect. With the Content Conjure framework, create the content that conjures in the right clients.  


Feeling like saying the right thing to your audience is a struggle

When I shifted into the coaching industry, I was taught to question everything I was doing. Everyone had different advice for me...and none of it felt like me.

I decided to rebel a little - to go back to my background, blend in Human Design to truly know myself, and find what works best for me -and my clients.

Before all of this, I spent over fifteen years creating + facilitating million dollar marketing strategy, sales funnels, and launch campaigns for companies we’re all familiar with.

I even owned my own marketing agency specializing in content writing, launches, and social media.

And through that process, I realized it’s really about three  things: knowing your own energy, knowing exactly who your clients are + what they need, and being able to connect with your clients.

I dug deep into my roots, and created The Content Conjure Framework so you could use your own energetic gifts to speak to your audience, and attract them in.

Let's shift out of 

  • Feeling frustrated, and like you don't know what to say
  • Spending all your time writing content...and then realizing that your posts all seem scattered
  • Not knowing whether it will be a great client month...or just an ok one
  • Feeling like only your existing client base are who's responding to you. (They're great - but your business can't depend on just them!)

        ...and into success.

Imagine living this life..

  • KNOWING JUST WHAT TO SAY in order to connect with your clients and future clients 
  • RECEIVING NEW CLIENTS WEEKLY without hours of sales calls
  • HAVING ALL YOUR POSTS WORK TOGETHER TO SELL... instead of just your promotional posts 
  • FEELING SECURE IN YOUR MONTHLY INCOME FLOW instead of not knowing which way the financial wind will blow



A 6 month program helping you plan and implement the easy content strategy that conjures up new clients, profits, and more free time. 

There is a proven method to connect with + attract new clients.



Your energy affects your entire business - from the decisions you make, to how you present your skills and why you're the right person for them to work with.


Let's be real - if we don't know who your clients are (both energetically and physically), there's no way you can connect with them


Just throwing posts at your dream clients isn't connecting. We'll walk through how to speak specifically to your clients, and make them feel like you wrote everything just for them.

Inside Content Conjure, you will...

  • LEARN THE POWER OF THE CONTENT CONJURE FRAMEWORK so that you can sell...without even having to "sell"
  • IDENTIFY THOSE HIDDEN FEARS BLOCKING YOUR SUCCESS  in connecting with your ideal clients - and your dream prosperity.
  • SHOW THE STORY OF YOUR CLIENT'S TRANSFORMATION so your audience can place themselves in the before + after of working with you
  • TRANSFORM HOW YOU PLAN CONTENT so it's more aligned with your life, energy, and ideal clients
  • CREATE A MONTHLY CONTENT PLAN that connects to your clients with ease 

I put my 20 years of experience using words to connect with businesses of all sizes into this easy-to-follow, customizable-to-your-energy program so you can get these results!

This isn't your typical "marketing" program..

most programs focus on the tangible actions only - and following them so rigidly, there's no room for your own soul and energy.

Unfortunately...that rarely works in a way that feels good.

That's why one of the essential pieces of our signature framework is exploring your own energy through Human Design, and soul of business work.  

You can't make sustainable change without adapting for your own energy.

That's why each month we begin with your own energy, so you can understand just what it is that's attracting clients to your special sauce - and explain it to them in a way they understand.

It's also why we include monthly energetic methods like Quantum meditation , EFT, and Quantum Writing that give you the capability to explore where you may be getting stuck, release old patterning and disregulation, and integrate all the shifts you'll be making.


Take a sneak peek of what's inside


Understanding Your Conjure

It's impossible to conjure up success without knowing your clients and your own energy. Forget everything you've learned about understanding your clients - we're looking at it in a new light.

Learning Objectives:

  • Illuminate your ideal client's needs and vision so you can speak directly to them
  • Understand your Human Design strategy + how to best make business decisions so you can give up everything that's not aligned with your energy
  • Identify the unique Conjure Points of your business to have easy to pinpoint areas where your energy shines, and naturally wants to connect
  • Clear buried fears around success so you can move forward with ease


Conjuring Your Signature Story

What's the story of how your clients get transformed? Being able to walk your clients through that journey is a magic that connects...and sells all on its own.

Learning Objectives:

  • Get crystal clear on the support your client needs + how to describe their transformation so they can witness themselves in everything you write
  • Discover + express why you are the best person to guide your clients so they can feel safe being supported by you
  • Illustrate the story of your client's transformation so they can see themselves in your social content
  • Learn how to quantum write your business success to rewrite your timeline in a snap


Becoming A Beacon Of Attraction

What happens if your energy, your business's energy, and your program's energy are all attuned to attraction? You conjure success. 

This month, we're attuning ourselves and becoming that beacon of attraction.

Learning Objectives:

  • Use the soul of your business for client attraction so your energy + your business's energy can work together in harmony. (Finally!)
  • Understand your attraction centers in Human Design to see what  opportunities your energy is naturally bringing in
  • Create your Client Conjure lines for each of your programs to captivate your dream clients instantly
  • Clear patterns around receiving (and not receiving) clients with ease so you can shift out old patterns, traumas, and fill the void with the new 


Conjure Success

We're putting everything we've implemented and transmuted together this month to create your next level of showing up, standing out, and getting known. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Create your client attraction manifesto to speak directly to your clients' passions, needs, and desires.
  • Communicate using the strengths of your own Design so life can get easier as you talk to the beat of your own drum
  • Master the Content Conjure Framework in a new way so you can create the magical plan that sparks your interest - and captivates your clients 
  • Learn how to quantum charge your social posts for maximum impact so just the energy behind your posts demands attention. 


The Art of Ease

Have you ever said "I wish my business could make money while I sleep, tend to the kids, or enjoy a day off?" We're going to alchemize your business to allow it to have the flow that brings in clients when you're not actively selling.

Learning Objectives:

  • Create the systems that draw your clients in - without you having to actively work, so you can regain your time back.
  • Identify how you want to be viewed as a leader because you can't embody it until you've claimed it.
  • Learn the art of repurposing content - without others noticing, so you can get more results while doing less
  • Release the fears of becoming greater so you and your business can keep growing with ease.


Embody Your Conjure

Sometimes you want to go big (even if you don't have to do it all time) - we'll close out embodying the full truth of who you are, expanding our receiving powers, and creating the flow for your next five to six figure launch.

Learning Objectives:

  • Embody the power of the sales post - for the times you actually do want to directly sell, and sell powerfully.
  • Illuminate common emerging fears + how to shift past them so they can become part of your past, not part of your now.
  • Discover how to launch your way with ease so you can create a stir around your offers in a way that feels good with your energy. 
  • Expand your soul of your business to receive more, more easily - because there should be no limits to your success

Inside the portals of Content Conjure, you'll find this magic...

Here's what to expect each and every month:

  • The signature system implemented to your own life, delivered in 3 actionable lessons each month
  • Energy work conjure to help shift stuck energy
  • Live Q&A so you can get support in any stuck areas
  • 2 x Group content creation co-working calls, so you can't ever say you don't have time or energy again
  • Captivation post prompts so you can tell the story of transformation to your clients without getting stuck 
  • The private community so you can be supported by women going through the same process together (as well as me and my team!)
  • BONUS: The Content Conjure Podcast so you can take course material with you on the go, no matter where you're working #pandemiclife #workfromanywhere

join Now and You'll also get
access to this bonus

Access to a live quantum intention setting ceremony
(Value: $222)

We'll come together to create our individual intentions, goals, and milestones - as well as set the energy around them.

(VALUE: $47)

The Client Prescription is a jumpstart to success, walking you through my signature frameworks so you can deliver the right entryway offer, speak directly to your clients, and launch using the proven  3 x 3 framework that’s brought clients hundreds of thousands in sales.

(VALUE: $555)

Want to speed up your shifts? We'll gather for a magical day where we'll get to know the energy of our clients through quantum ritual, and call them in.

(This is the SAME type of day that has previously only been available to my VIP mastermind clients!)

Content Conjure is for you if...

  • You want to feel lit up every single time you go to post, go live, or even launch.
  • You're ready to move past income plateaus into consistent income and growth. 
  • You want to take your time back by only focusing on content that connects
  • You want to connect sell easily through content, even when you don't feel like you're "selling".
  • You want every piece of content you create to work together, instead of being scattered and confusing.
  • You want to receive new clients regularly - without trying to fill your calendar with tons of discovery calls.
  • You want to feel secure in your monthly income flow

What's The Investment?





Kristen is literally the BEST investment I ever could have made for my business, myself, and for my literal sanity. I've shifted from a space of despair to a fully successful high ticket 28K+ launch in 6 months.

Then in the turbulence of 2020, after months of fearing even LOOKING at what my finances would look like, her work helped me fill my 1:1. I literally DOUBLED my monthly income in ONE WEEK.

Safra Turner

Working with Kristen helped me to move into a way of showing up in my business that is more ME and less conditioned by the industry.

It's such a big deal to be supported in business in a way where we aren't being groomed to become someone else. I have never felt so supported while working with a business coach.

Quinn Downie

Working with Kristen was exactly what I needed - and so much more than I expected.

 The journey from unstable income to anchoring in months bigger than I could have imagined happened so fast!

Demetra Devine

Accelerate your business even more with the vip circle

Here's what you'll get as a VIP:

Here's what to expect each and every month:

  • All of the previously mentioned features 
  • A private + intimate Telegram community so you can have personalized support through the week (Value: $1800)
  • Group critique calls twice a month so you can get my direct feedback on your content + how to make it connect even stronger with your clients (Value: $2400)
  • 3  recorded social media audits so you can know just who your social content is speaking to - and why ($999)

Your Content Conjure questions - answered.

How long will I have access to the materials?

Lifetime - you'll be able to come back to these as often as you need them. 

How much time will I need for this?

Every lesson and activity is designed for you take action quickly. (Save 15-20 minutes weekly to watch/listen.)

When does the program begin?

Whenever you join! You can join us at any point, and will automatically get added to the first portal of lessons!

What if I get stuck?

Simple answer: you tell me + my team, so we can work to together to figure out what needs shifting + shifting. Speak up and you will get help.

In fact, I guarantee if you're doing the work, you'll earn your investment back (if not 10x it!). See below for more on that.

Can I upgrade to the Accelerator throughout the program?

You're welcome to ask! If there's open room in the Accelerator, and you've been hitting your milestones, we'll move you up!

How do I get access to everything?

As soon as you purchase, you'll be directed to the course container. 

Inside those portals, you'll receive links to our Zoom calls, to the community, and anything else you may need.

The Guarantee

There’s a lot of variables in success - which is why a lot of people are told to stay away from guarantees in business. 

I believe that we should do things differently.  

So if you’ve done the work (watch the videos, do the action steps/ use your captivate prompts, and ask for support along the way), and you haven’t made your investment back by the end of month 6, you’ll receive a VIP day with me where we create a custom new plan for you based on: 

- A review of your signature  offer and its foundation  - because you can’t reach your goals if your offer isn’t connecting, or is priced too low to support yourself (Note: no, I will not be just suggesting to double your prices .)

 - An assessment of your main social media account to see how you’re showing up, how your audience is engaging with you, and what type of people are connecting with you. (It doesn’t matter how many people you attract if they’re the wrong people for your offer.) 

- A review of the sales page of your signature offer to see if the transformation is clear  

- A look into your Human Design to see where you’re living your energetic alignment...and where tweaks could still be made 
- And potentially more   

A virtual day with me is a $3K value - but it’s not about that, it’s about you having a path forward into success.   It’s also about making sure my promises are fulfilled. There’s not always a lot of checks and balances on that in the online space, and I want to change that - so it starts with me.Type something


Kristen Jett
Profit Priestess + Quantum Strategist

Kristen Jett is a business strategist, and mentor for leaders who want to create more impact in the world around them while becoming financially and energetically secure.

She has over twenty years experience in copywriting, sales, and marketing, with focused on client connection. Before working with conscious entrepreneurs, she owned a marketing agency focused on copywriting, sales funnels, and social media.

Her business began with the question of "What if I could help purpose driven entrepreneurs with their marketing, while also considering their energy?" After a few explosive months of beta,she closed down her marketing agency to focus solely on this work.

She's also a mama to two, a writer, and is especially fond of baking chocolate chip cookies with bacon.

Learn how to communicate with your audience in a way that attracts aligned clients like magic

Create content that easily attracts new clients, profits, and free time with the Content Conjure Framework .